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Sports Leaders UK Leadership Academies

Sports Leaders UK has successfully launched the Leadership Academy initiative which is a scheme to reward and recognise some of its best Approved Assessment Centres who go beyond the call of duty.

These Leadership Academies in many respects will act as beacons of good practice to other organisations in their local area. They not only deliver Sports Leaders UK's awards and qualifications with high levels of success and enthusiasm, but by meeting the criteria, these organisations have a very positive impact on the local community with regards to increased voluntary hours, community placements and events.

A number of these organisations have developed a range of creative ideas which go beyond the learning outcomes of the Sports Leaders UK leadership awards and qualifications, and offer the learners a pathway of additional opportunities, and a package of initiatives that motivate and inspire people to take part in sports leadership and volunteering programmes.

These organisations have evolved their centres and courses into so much more than 'just a sports leadership course' and Sports Leaders UK considers this evolution of delivery to be good practice.

Sports Leaders UK wish to recognise and encourage this good practise throughout the United Kingdom by accrediting centres who 'go the extra mile' with an official Leadership Academy status, providing the centres fulfil the set criteria.

How to Apply to be a Sports Leaders UK Leadership Academy 

Sports Leaders UK Regional Teams will invite centres who they feel are successfully working towards meeting the criteria, hence the initial applications are by invitation only. However, if you feel you may be eligible then please feel free to contact your regional 
Partnerships Manager.

The category has been launched to recognise the impact that exceptional centres can have on their local communities as well as their own Sports Leaders.

Many different sorts of organisations deliver our awards and qualifications. Some of these have taken the Sports Leaders UK ethos and made it the very foundation of what they do, developing a range of creative ideas which go beyond the learning from our leadership awards and qualifications. We want these centres to be held up as role models for best practice.

Successful centres accredited with Leadership Academy status will receive a plaque to display on site and official letters of accreditation, be featured on the Sports Leaders UK website and in publications, and get a free support visit from a Sports Leaders UK member of staff.

Organisations are carefully selected and invited to apply for Leadership Academy status by Sports Leaders UK regional teams. A written application must then be submitted using the Sports Leaders UK Leadership Academy Application Form. The application will then be assessed by the Sports Leaders UK Leadership Academy Approval Panel.


Date printed: 20/08/2018

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