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Centre withdrawal guidance


The following is aimed at customers who no longer want to deliver Sports Leaders UK qualifications or be a Qualification Centre.

Click here for the Withdrawal Policy and Procedure and the Withdrawal Notification Form.

Section 7.1: Definition of Withdrawal

Withdrawal is when a Centre no longer wants to continue to deliver Sports Leaders UK qualifications. This does not apply to the delivery of Awards.

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Section 7.2: Does it cost to withdraw?

From 1st August 2016 the cost to withdraw from being a Centre with Sports Leaders UK is £75. The administration and quality assurance costs are covered by this fee.  

To avoid the following academic year's minimum spend the Centre must notify Sports Leaders UK by the 1st November of their intention to withdraw.

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Section 7.3: How do I withdraw my Centre?

Before the 1st August 2016, the Centre is required to click 'No, I am not interested in running Sports Leaders UK courses' on the Terms and Conditions correspondence sent out to CCM's on 1st March 2016. This will incur no cost to the Centre.

On and after the 1st August 2016, the Centre is required to complete the Withdrawal Form, please click here. From this the Withdrawal Policy and Procedure will carried out.

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Section 7.4: I am a Centre who is still delivering qualifications but wish to withdraw.

Once you have informed us of your withdrawal, you will be required to run the course until the end without disadvantaging the Learner(s) in any way. Once the Learner(s) have been certificated, the Centre will be put on as inactive status (see below*), access to resources revoked and no more courses are allowed to be applied for. 

*Please be aware that if your Centre has delivered a qualification course since your last external quality assurance engagement then your Centre will be required to undergo a final external quality assurance review that takes place before the Centre is placed as inactive. The Centre must maintain records of all Learner assessment and internal quality assurance activity and make these available to Sports Leaders UK for the review.

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Section 7.5: I am a Centre who is only running awards, does the withdrawal policy and procedure apply?

No. The new withdrawal policy and fee (plus the minimum spend) does not apply to a Centre if they are just running awards. However, if the Centre does wish to stop delivery, please send an email to contact@sportsleaders.org stating you wish to stop delivery and the Centre will be placed as inactive.  

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Section 7.6: How much notice do I have to give to withdraw?

Sports Leaders UK requires 12 weeks from receipt of completed notification of withdrawal for the application to be processed. Sports Leaders UK will confirm receipt of the notification within 5 working days of receiving the withdrawal notice.

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Section 7.7: If your Centre has withdrawn and now wishes to re start delivery

Following withdrawal any Centre that would like to return to deliver Sports Leaders UK qualifications will be required to apply to become a new Centre, via LEAP.

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Section 7.8: Maintenance Policy and Procedure

If you decide that you don't want to deliver the following year but plan to return the year after that we have a Maintenance Procedure and Policy, which will allow you to do this.

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Section 7.9: Require a bit more help?

Go to the Knowledge Base which has FAQs or contact our dedicated Customer Service Advisors contact@sportsleaders.org.

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SL0751 (updated June-16)

Date printed: 22/09/2019

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