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Tutor Training

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Tutor Training is a compulsory pre-requisite for all Centres wishing to deliver Sports Leaders UK's qualifications, the following applies:

For PLCs - The equivalent for Tutor Training is a PLC Induction day. The conditions below also apply:

  • At least 1 person per Centre must have attended Sports Leaders UK Tutor Training within the last 3 years. It is recommended as good practice that all tutors involved in the delivery of Sports Leaders UK qualifications attend Tutor Training.
  • For a new Centre, at least 1 person must attend Sports Leaders UK Tutor Training before the course delivery start date.
  • For any Tutor who attends training after 1st August 2016 their trained status will last for 2 years. For those who attend training prior to 1st August 2016 trained status lasts for 3 years. 
  • Once this trained status has expired the attendance of a Refresher or other relevant training is compulsory, in order for the Centre to continue with the delivery of Sports Leaders UK qualifications. Please be aware the Centre does receive notification 6 month prior to expiry. 

A Tutor who has attended Tutor Training would be referred to as a Trained Tutor/Assessor, all others within the Qualification Centre who are involved in the delivery and assessment Sports Leaders UKs qualifications will be to referred to as Tutor/Assessors.

Please note that the Outdoor Leadership qualifications operate a separate Tutor Training programme, therefore the Centre must have a Tutor who has attended Outdoor Tutor Training to deliver these qualifications.

For further guidance and information, please refer to Sports Leaders UK's Tutor Training information and the Knowledge Base.

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