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Quality Assurance Compliance, Policies and Procedures

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For PLCs - Learners are known as delegates

Section 4.1: Briefing for Centres

Sports Leaders UK regularly sends Centres a Briefing for Centres updates. The aim of the Briefing for Centres is to keep Centres informed of any changes to policies, procedures or our qualifications and awards.

It is the responsibility of the Centre Course Manager (CCM) at each Centre to disseminate the information in the Briefing for Centres to all the staff involved in the delivery, assessment and internal verification of the course. The Sports Leaders UK Quality Assurance Officer will require evidence that this dissemination is taking place as part of the quality assurance visit.

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Section 4.2: Sports Leaders UK Terms and Conditions

Sports Leaders UK have a number of policies and procedures that our Centres must adhere to and failure to comply with the policies and procedures may result in Sports Leaders UK revoking Centre status.

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Section 4.3: Reporting Non-compliance and suspected malpractice

Sports Leaders UK is obliged to report any instances of non-compliance and suspected malpractice and/or maladministration to the regulatory authorities.

Centre must report any suspected malpractice and/or maladministration to Sports Leaders UK. If a Centre does not comply with this it may lead to non-issue of certificate and/or non-acceptance of course registrations. For further details please refer to:

Section 4.3.1: Withdrawing Centre accreditation

Sports Leaders UK will withdraw a Centre's accreditation if it is deemed to carry a sufficient risk to the integrity of its qualifications. The regulatory authorities will also be notified of any such action taken regarding a Centre's performance.

Sports Leaders UK will inform any reported malpractice and/or maladministration to the head of the Centre (i.e head teacher, principal, director or person with similar responsibility levels for the Centre). The Centre has the right to reply before any further action is taken.

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Section 4.4: Quality assurance review:

Sports Leaders UK will carry out a Quality Assurance review with your Centre annually. The review will contribute towards Sports Leaders UK's risk assessment of each Centre.

Centres deemed to be 'high risk' will receive further support and an action plan from Sports Leaders UK, including regular reviews until their performance improves.

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Section 4.5: Qualification evidence and assessment

Each Sports Leaders UK qualification has a specification that details what the qualification's objective is and what needs to be assessed to achieve that qualification. This is done through a combination of:

  • Units
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Assessment Criteria

Every learner needs to successfully achieve all assessment criteria within a given qualification before they can be certificated for that qualification.

Section 4.5.1: Bridging between two Sports Leaders UK qualification

A learner can have exemptions for some units of qualifications if they have previously completed a qualification that has the same unit. In this situation the learner does not need to repeat the units they have successfully completed on a previous qualification.

For further information on which Sports Leaders UK qualifications offer bridging opportunities click here.

Section 4.5.2: Using achievement and evidence from other qualifications

Evidence of learning and assessment from other qualifications with similar content can be used towards the achievement of any Sports Leaders UK qualification. If evidence is being used, the Centre must produce a document which highlights where other evidence is being used to meet assessment criteria of a given Sports Leaders UK qualification.

Click here for more information how this works

Section 4.5.3: Reasonable adjustments and special considerations

Sports Leaders UK does not accept the need for any reasonable adjustments or special consideration with respect to assessment and demonstration of attainment for their awards and qualifications in sports leadership.

Please see the Statement of Principles in Applying Reasonable Adjustments and Special considerations for further information.

Section 4.5.4: Enquiry about an assessment or other decision

Centres and learners have the right to make an appeal/enquiry about any assessment decision or other decision relating to the delivery of the course. Please see the Appeals Policy for further information.

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Date printed: 22/09/2019

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