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Sports Leaders UK Quality Assurance Officer

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For PLCs - Learners are known as delegates

Section 3.1: Purpose

As a regulated Awarding Organisation under the auspices of Ofqual, Sports Leaders UK is governed by the General Conditions of Recognition in respect of delivery of our qualifications and how they are assessed and verified. The full conditions can be viewed here.

The requirement for Sports Leaders UK to ensure that all qualifications are delivered fairly, effectively and efficiently by a Centre, is paramount and key to Sports Leaders UK meeting Condition 'Moderation where an assessment is marked by a Centre'.

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Section 3.2: The Role of the Sports Leaders UK Quality Assurance Officer

A Quality Assurance Officer is appointed by Sports Leaders UK to review that all Centres internal quality assurance processes are in place, to ensure standards are being maintained against qualification specifications, and following current procedures to protect the integrity of the qualifications.

The Quality Assurance Process

Quality assurance reviews may take place in a variety of ways:

  • Remote review
  • Quality assurance review visits
  • Support visit or support telephone calls

Quality Assurance Review (remote or physical visit) will take place annually.

Support for:

  • Course delivery and assessment
  • Updating qualification specifications and Quality Assurance processes
  • Following unsatisfactory quality assurance reviews
  • Other areas that may arise

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Section 3.3: Outcomes of the Quality Assurance Review

The Quality Assurance Officer will convey their findings in a written report which will be sent to the Centre Course Manager after the visit.

The Quality Assurance Monitoring Report must be stored securely by the Centre Course Manager along with all relevant learner records and course evidence for a minimum of three years. Should there be any immediate actions required, these must be completed within the given timescales.

Based on the Quality Assurance Officer's findings during the visit, it may be necessary to request further evidence, interview a selection of learners to gauge their knowledge and/or put an action plan in place to bring the Centre back into full compliance. The Quality Assurance Officer will work with and support the Centre Course Manager and the Centre staff during this process.

If there is still insufficient evidence and a Centre is deemed non-compliant with Sports Leaders UK regulations a charge for further visits and student interviews may be incurred. You will informed in advance by the Quality Assurance Manager should this be the case.

Should a Centre Course Manager have any concerns regarding their quality assurance visit or report findings they should speak to their Customer Service Advisor who will put them in contact with a Senior Quality Assurance Officer or the Quality Assurance Manager.

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Section 3.4: Appeal Process

Sports Leaders UK have in place an Appeal Policy which is aimed at our customers, including learners, who are delivering/enrolled on or have taken a Sports Leaders UK approved qualification or unit. It sets out the process that must be followed when submitting an appeal to Sports Leaders UK and the process that we will follow when responding to an appeal. All Sports Leaders UK policies and procedures are available in the Policies Section.

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Date printed: 22/09/2019

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