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Centre & Course Application process

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For PLCs - Learners are known as delegates

Section 2.1: Applying to become a Centre

All organisations must become a Qualification Centre to deliver Sports Leaders UK qualifications by completing a Centre Application Form.

  • You can access the Centre Application Form via 'Leadership Electronic Application Portal' (LEAP) option:
  • This will take you to LEAP, which will go through a step-by-step registration process
  • During this process you will create your LEAP account log-in details. Please note that your LEAP log-in is different to log-in details provided by Sports Leaders UK to access the Tutor Resource (this is generated when you register your first course)

It is essential that all Centres have supplied a postal address/ email address, where all correspondence between Sports Leaders UK and the Centre can be sent.

PLC Only:- Complete and return Professional Learning Centre Declaration form to us by email contact@sportsleaders.org 

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Section 2.2: Applying to deliver a qualification and/or award

Sports Leaders UK require that all Centres complete a course application form for each qualification and award they are planning to deliver. The Centre must complete a separate application form for each cohort of learners that they are registering in order for Sports Leaders UK to maintain accurate course history records. Each course will be allocated a course number by Sports Leaders UK for learners and Tutor/Assessors to quote in all correspondence.

Complete your course application via LEAP.

Once you have completed your course application form you will receive your Tutor Association log-in details to access the Tutor Resources.

Outdoor qualification only: If applying for an outdoor qualification a course outline/course programme must be submitted with the course application form. For further guidance contact your Regional Customer Service Advisor.

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Section 2.3: Learner Evidence Record

Each qualification has a downloadable Learner Evidence Record (LER) and this is a mandatory document which must be completed by every learner. To download the LER please log onto the Tutor Resources.

The LER gives guidance on what learners need to produce as minimum evidence. Learners can add their own supplementary evidence such as worksheets, session plans, photographs, witness statements, posters and activity notes to record their experience.

The learner is required to complete the Learner Authenticity Statement within the LER as part of their evidence. In addition the learner's demonstration of leadership will be recorded on the Leadership Log (contained within the LER).

PLC only: The Delegate Guide provides guidance on evidence required.

Section 2.3.1: Registering Learners

For both awards and qualifications, Learners are registered via the LEAP on the Sports Leaders UK 'LEAP account'. Learners must be registered within eight weeks of the course start date. The Centre Course Manager is responsible for ensuring that the learners are registered within this timescale or make any changes to course and/or learner details via LEAP.

What is required to register learners?

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Email address (if possible)
  • Unique Learner Number (not mandatory)

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Section 2.4: Learner entry requirements

Tutor/Assessors are responsible for ensuring that all registered learners are the minimum required age at the start of the course. To find out correct age of all the qualification please click here (English, Welsh, Northern & Republic of Ireland & International Centres) click here (Scottish centres).

Section 2.4.1: Level of supervision for learners

During their course all learners must only lead under direct supervision

Section 2.4.2: Levels of supervision definitions on successful completion of a course

The following definitions relate to learners that have successfully completed their course. The level of supervision on completion depends on the course taken by the learner.

Direct Supervision

When leading under direct supervision learners must be supervised by their Tutor/Assessor or other responsible adult at all times. The learner must not be left unattended at any point whilst they are leading. The responsibility of the session and the participants being led are that of the Tutor/Assessor, or other responsible adult.

Indirect Supervision

When leading under indirect supervision learners must still be supervised by their Tutor/Assessor or other suitably qualified adult. However, learners may be left unattended whilst they are leading. Nevertheless, the responsibility of the session and the participants being led are that of the Tutor/Assessor or other suitably qualified adult; therefore they should remain within close proximity should an emergency situation occur.

For example:

  • The learner may be in the sports hall whilst their supervisor is in an office or classroom down the corridor
  • The learner may be outside on the playing field whilst their supervisor is inside a nearby building
  • The learner may be outside on the recreation ground whilst their supervisor is in the next door community building.

Independently without supervision

When leading independently without supervision, the learner does not need to be supervised by the Tutor/Assessor or other responsible adult. The responsibility of the session and the participants being led are that of the Sports Leader. Therefore, the Sports Leader must ensure that they hold the correct insurance, qualifications, police clearance and other necessary documentation required for the activity being led or the organisation they are working for.

Section 2.4.3: Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

Sports Leaders UK can only offer the following guidance with regards to DBS checks of learners who volunteer as part of the course. All Tutor/Assessors must ensure that they work within the guidelines of their local authority policy. For Sports Leaders UK qualifications it should be reinforced that all learners on a leadership course, whilst being trained regardless of level, should be leading under supervision.

Further information regarding the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) can be found via the following website.

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Section 2.5: Learner(s) transferring to another course

Learners may start a qualification with one Centre and then before completing, transfer to another Centre to finish the qualification. Should this happen, the Centre Course Manager at the Centre where the learner started the course must complete a Learner Course Transfer Form, which then is to be returned to Sports Leaders UK to enable the learner records to be updated for the qualification.

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Section 2.6 Claiming certificates

To claim the certificates for learners who have successfully completed a course, Tutor/Assessor needs to log into their LEAP Account.

Learner certificates can be claimed up to three years from the start date of the course.

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Section 2.7: Replacement Certificate

If a learner, Centre Course Manager or Tutor/Assessor requires a replacement certificate the following procedure must be followed:

  1. Email contact@sportsleaders.org requesting a replacement certificate. Include in the email:      
    • Learner name and date of birth
    • Course Number
    • Reason for replacement
    • Where replacement certificate is to be sent
  2. If an incorrect spelling certificate must be returned to Sports Leaders UK, 24 Linford Forum, Rockingham Drive, Linford Wood, Milton Keynes, MK14 6LY
  3. Once the original certificate and the replacement certificate fee (£7) is received the replacement certificate will be issued.

All replacement certificate will logged onto our internal system.

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Section 2.8: Finishing a course

It is important to recognise and celebrate the achievements of learners and there are many different way to finish a course, from a simple handing out of certificates in an assembly to a more elaborate prize giving ceremony involving local celebrities.

However, Sports Leaders UK feels very strongly that the end of the course, whilst being a celebration, should not be seen as the end of the process, but as the beginning of one. Having spent considerable time helping learners to develop valuable leadership skills, it is important that some thought is given to the next stage in their development as leaders.

The questions below might help:

  • Where can learners go to continue to use and develop their leadership skills?
  • What further opportunities can the organisation offer now that the course has finished?
  • How can the skills, learners have developed be used to help the organisation?
  • Are there other groups or organisations that would benefit from the skills learners have developed?
  • Are there further courses of study or qualifications for learners to do next?

For further information and to discuss options available please contact your Regional Partnerships Team.

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