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Independent Assessor

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For PLCs - Learners are known as delegates

Section 11b.1: Role of the Independent Assessor

Provides an assessment of the learners during their demonstration of leadership

Outdoor Leadership Qualification only: The person who attends the assessment component of the course will also witness the learner carrying out their demonstration of leadership hours.

PLC only: Level 5: Assess a delegate's ability during their teaching of a minimum of one primary school PE lesson and complete the Independent Assessor Observation Form. Level 6: Conduct interview with delegate and complete Independent Assessor Interview Form.

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Section 11b.2: Who can be the Independent Assessor?

  • The Independent Assessor must be someone independent from the course delivery
  • A responsible adult not involved in any of the courses delivery, assessment or internal verification 
  • It could be someone internal or external to the Centre.

Outdoor Leadership Qualification Only: The Independent Assessor must hold a minimum of a Mountain Leader Award or Walking Group Leader Award.

PLC Only: QTS accredited (or GTCS for Scottish Centres)

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Section 11b.3: Who cannot be the Independent Assessor?

  • The named Centre Course Manager
  • The named Tutor/Assessor(s) delivering the course
  • The named Internal Verifier for the course

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Section 11b.4: Responsibility

  • The Independent Assessor is asked to make an observational assessment decision upon a learner whilst they are undertaking their demonstration of leadership
  • Observe the learner for a sufficient length of time for the learner to demonstrate competence for the qualification

Outdoor Leadership Qualification only: The Independent Assessor for these qualifications will work with the Tutor/Assessor and assess all the learners during their final assessment against the Assessment Criteria. These assessments will be recorded on the Assessor Record for the specific qualification.

The demonstration of leadership hours will be monitored by a supervisor who mentors the learner through an action plan, which will be devised by the learner in conjunction with their Tutor/Assessor.

PLC Only:

  • At Level 5: Every delegate must be observed teaching at least one primary school PE lesson by an Independent Assessor
  • At Level 6: Every delegate must be interviewed by an Independent Assessor on how they are going to take on the role of the PE subject leader 

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Section 11b.5: Evidence

  • Completion of the Independent Assessor Form for the relevant level of qualification. This is a mandatory form which must be completed for every learner/delegate. This can be found with the Learner Evidence Record or the Quality Assurance section in the relevant qualification Tutor Resources
  • For the Level 3 Certificate in Higher Sports Leadership, three Independent Assessor forms are required to be completed
  • The Assessor Report is a non-mandatory form that could be completed by the Independent Assessor or the Tutor/Assessor

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SL0751 (updated June-16)

Date printed: 22/09/2019

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