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Internal Verifier

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For PLCs - Learners are known as delegates

Section 10b.1: Purpose of the internal quality assurance process

An internal quality assurance process is to check the quality of assessment, ensuring it is fit for purpose and meets Sports Leaders UK requirements.

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Section 10b.2: Role of the Internal Verifier

  • To monitor the quality of the Tutor/Assessor's performance, through observation of delivery and assessment
  • To verify the assessment decisions, made by the Tutor/Assessor are fair, consistent and accurate
  • To provide support and guidance to the Tutor/Assessor through positive feedback and recommendations

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Section 10b.3: Who can be the Internal Verifier?

  • Someone who works in or alongside the Centre
  • Someone who has experience of delivering the Sports Leaders UK qualifications or with assessment experience
  • Ideally, someone with internal verification experience, although no formal qualifications are required

PLC Only: QTS accredited (or GTCS for Scottish centres)

The Internal Verifier must not have had any involvement in the delivery or assessment of the unit(s), they are internally verifying and cannot be the Tutor/Assessor or Independent Assessor for the same course.

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Section 10b.4: Planning

Internal verification must be planned at the start of the course. A meeting between the Tutor/Assessor(s) and Internal Verifier will include discussions on:

  • The sample size of work for internal verification:
No of learners per course Sample size to verified 
 15 or less  3 learners
 16 to 50  20% of learners
 51+  10 learners
  • How the sample will be selected
  • Dates for when the internal verification will take place throughout the course
  • Course numbers and unit(s) to be verified
  • Any additional comments relevant to the course - including the planned leadership requirement and who is to perform the Independent Assessor role
  • Complete Internal Verification Plan

PLC only: Sample 30% of delegates or minimum of three/maximum of ten for each cohort of delegates against one unit of Level 5 and the Level 6 unit

This discussion must be recorded by fully completing the Internal Verification forms

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Section 10b.5: How is the internal verification undertaken?

  • A minimum of one visit to the course, to observe the Tutor/Assessor delivering and assessing the qualification, monitoring the quality of their performance (complete Report on Tutor/Assessor Performance)
  • Verifying the assessment decisions made by the Tutor/Assessor for a minimum of one complete unit for the sample of learners (complete Internal Verification Record)
  • Check the Tutor/Assessors assessment decision have been made using the Valid, Authentic, Reliable, Sufficient, Current (VARSC) arrangements and confirming if the decisions are accurate (or not).
  • The Internal Verifier will provide feedback on the assessment process and assessment decisions
  • If the assessment decision is not being agreed then the Internal Verifier must set actions for the Tutor/Assessor, which will need to be completed and then further verification of the unit(s) must be completed.

All above Internal Verification documents must be fully completed, signed, dated and retained with the Centre or PLC records for three years from the course end date.

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SL0751 (updated June-16)


Date printed: 22/09/2019

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