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Introduction and how to become a Centre

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For PLCs - Learners are known as delegates

Section 1.1: Introduction

The Centre Manual provides helpful information and explains requirements for the Centre. We recommend that Centre staff familiarise themselves with its contents. Sports Leaders UK may make changes to these requirements. Centres will be notified of changes through Briefing for Centres bulletins but, we advise that you refer to the Centre Manual throughout your course delivery for the most up to date guidance.

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Section 1.2: What is a Centre?

A Centre is the organisation that is approved by Sports Leaders UK to deliver its qualifications. To run a qualification, it is an requirement of Sports Leaders UK and the regulatory authorities that every organisation must apply to become Qualification Centre or Professional Learning Centre (PLC) before delivery. 

The regulatory authorities will audit Sports Leaders UK to ensure that agreed quality assurance standards are being implemented and maintained. In turn, Sports Leaders UK must ensure that all Qualification Centres have the resources and training in place to implement the responsibilities to Sports Leaders UK and to the learners undertaking the qualifications at the Centre. Organisations wishing to gain Qualification Centre status, must first complete a Centre Application Form.

The Centre Application Form asks questions relating to be management of the Centre including staffing, resources and policies. To become a Qualification Centre or PLC, an organisation must demonstrate that it has appropriately trained staff, facilities and equipment for each qualification it intends to run and to manage the delivery, assessment and internal verification of courses. An organisation must also have an organised administration system to maintain Sports Leaders UK standards for quality assurance purposes.

A Centre must ensure that the facilities at each course delivery site are:

  • Fit for purpose - A suitably sized area must be made available for the candidates to lead a range of safe practical activities
  • Well maintained - All facilities must be regularly maintained and kept clean
  • Accessible - Centres must ensure that all facilities used for course delivery and assessment are accessible to all candidates in line with current legislation
  • Comfortable - The candidates‘ needs are taken into account when running the course, eg adequate heating, comfortable seating, adequate changing facilities

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Section 1.3: Staffing at the Centre

There are several roles that must be identified within a Qualification Centre. Various people within the Centre may fulfil these roles and sometimes individuals will be able to fulfil more than one role. Information on these roles can be found in the relevant sections of the Centre Manual.

Section 1.3.1: Change of staffing within the Centre

It is a requirement of all the Centres to inform Sports Leaders UK of any changes to the nominated Centre Course Manager. 

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Section 1.4: Multi Delivery Sites

It is possible that the Centre may have more than one course being delivered at different locations known as 'multi delivery sites'. Every site must be registered with Sports Leaders UK so that the details of where each course is being delivered can be recorded.

The Centre Course Manager (CCM) of the Centre is responsible for:

  • All of the courses
  • Each of the sites
  • Disseminating all information to all sites

The number of course delivery sites that can be managed under one Centre may be limited by Sports Leaders UK and will be dependent upon such factors as:

  • The number of courses being delivered
  • The number of learners being registered
  • The time allocated to the Centre Course Manager role
  • The number of Tutor/Assessors available to deliver the courses
  • The number of Internal Verifiers available to verify the courses
  • The communication strategy for managing multiple course delivery sites

Further advice must be sought from the Sports Leaders UK via your Regional Customer Service Advisor if a Centre is considering a multi-site arrangement (i.e more than 3 sites).

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Section 1.5: Centre Policies and Procedures

The Centre must have appropriate policies and procedures in place to ensure that all learners are exposed to a positive experience in a safe, supportive environment. This includes equitable treatment of learners taking into account the learners individual learning/assessment needs. All Centre staff must have appropriate working knowledge of the policies and procedures and know where/how to get further help and advice when they need it.

The following policies must be active and available to all Qualification Centre staff:

  • Equal Opportunities
  • Appeals
  • Complaints
  • Malpractice & Maladministration
  • Insurance*

If you do not have these policies in place already, we have produced some guidance to assist you in producing these here.

*A Centre must declare that it has sufficient public liability of any similar liability or any similar liability insurance to cover the staff and venues used for delivering the qualification(s). Insurance must cover a minimum of £5 million.

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Section 1.6: Course resources and structure

Tutor/Assessors must ensure that the plans for delivering the qualification and the selected assessment methods meet learner needs. At the start of the course learners must be made aware of:

  • The purpose of the qualification
  • The learning outcomes, detailing what they must know and understand, assessment methods and assessment criteria that will be used to demonstrate achievement
  • The names and roles of the staff involved in delivering the qualification

Section 1.6.1: Tutor Resources

The Tutor Resource is first point of reference for all qualification(s)/award(s) information, which it includes:

  • Course units and content
  • Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria
  • Quality Assurance documents
  • Ideas and activities to support the delivery of the course

You will be given your log-in details from Customer Services to access the Tutor Resource(s) once you have registered your course.

If you wish to use the Sports Leaders UK logo please follow our guidance.

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