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Centre Manual


Please note:

  • The Centre Manual is now split into 3 sections. Take care to ensure you use the relevant section(s) based on the qualifications that your centre runs.
  • The term 'Qualification Centre' has now replaced 'Approved Assessment Centre'.

Sections 1-7

For all courses: 

Section 1: Introduction and how to become a centre 

Section 2: Centre and course application process

Section 3: Sports Leaders UK Quality Assurance Officer

Section 4: Quality Assurance Compliance, Policies and Procedures

Section 5: Tutor Training

Section 6: Minimum spend guidance

Section 7: Withdrawal guidance

Sections 8a-11a are now relevant to:

  • Sports Leadership Level 1-3 (from 1st Sept 16)
  • Dance Leadership Level 1-2 (from 1st Sept 17)
  • New Scottish qualification (from 1st August 17) 
  • Lowland Leadership (from 1st April 17)

Section 8a: Centre Course Manager

Section 9a: Tutor/Assessor

Section 10a: Internal Verifier

Section 11a: Independent Witness

Sections 8b-11b

  • Sports leadership - started pre 31 August 2016
  • Dance leadership -  started pre 31 August 2017
  • Outdoor leadership - started pre 31 March 2017
  • Sports volunteering
  • Scottish qualification with a course end date on or before 31st December 2017

Section 8b: Centre Course Manager

Section 9b: Tutor/Assessor

Section 10b: Internal Verifier

Section 11b: Independent Assessor

SL0751 (June-16)

Date printed: 17/11/2019

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