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September 2018 - Scottish Centres


Deadline for Withdrawal or Maintenance of a Qualification Centre for 2018/19

As per the Terms & Conditions you have until 1st November 2018 to notify us if you wish to withdraw for the delivery of Sports Leaders UK qualifications or become a maintained Centre, without being liable for the minimum spend during the 2018/19 academic year. Please refer to the Withdrawal Policy and Maintained Centre Policy for details on how to action either of these processes.

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Quality Assurance Checklist

For the 2018-19 academic year, an updated version of the Quality Assurance Checklist (SLF386 09/18) has been uploaded to the Tutor Resources for all qualifications. All Centres should use this checklist to ensure the correct evidence is retained in readiness for annual Quality Assurance reviews.

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Online Internal Verifier Training

For courses that start after 1st August 2018, Centres must ensure that all appointed Internal Verifiers have completed the online training before carrying out their role. Learners certificates will not be issued to Course(s) that have not completed this training.

The training is free of charge and can be accessed here. Please note there are two types of Internal Verifier training - one specifically for Scottish Centres and one for all other Centres.

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Internal Verification Records

Internal Verification Records have been slightly updated for 2018/19, including the addition of a section for the Internal Verifier to confirm which Tasks or Units they have verified. Please ensure you use these new forms (issue date 09/18) that can be accessed within the Tutor Resources for all qualifications. Centres are also reminded that the Tasks/Units to be verified change each academic year and are clearly stated at the top of the Internal Verification Records specific to each qualification.

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Internal Verification Action Plan

If when completing the Internal Verification Record the Internal Verifier identifies actions for the Tutor/Assessor, they must record these on the newly created ‘Internal Verification Action Plan’ (SLF385 09/18). This Action Plan can be located with the Tutor Resources and should be used to monitor the actions set.

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Learner Evidence Records (LERs)

If you register your Sports Leadership qualification course(s) before 25th September 2018 you will receive free printed newly designed Learner Evidence Records (LERs) for all learners, saving you considerable time and money! To take advantage of this great LERs offer, click here and follow the steps to registering your interest and courses for 2018/19. 

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Behavioural skills framework – life skills and employability skills

The development of behavioural skills is central to the qualifications we offer. Over the past 12 months we have worked with a number of organisations to develop a behavioural skills framework that offers a simple solution to how your learners can demonstrate their personal development.

The 5 Employability Skills pdf  visually summarises the five skill areas – Communication, Self-belief, Teamwork, Self-management and Problem solving – and the key behaviours that learners should show at Levels 1, 2 and 3 (or 4, 5 and 6 in Scotland).

Where will you see behavioural skills in our qualifications?

  • In the new Learner Evidence Records – Sections 1 and 3 of the LERS guide the learner on pre-course planning and post course reflection
  • In the Tutor Resources – a set of slides are in place to help the tutor deliver the behavioural skills sections
  • As downloadable certificates – each of the five behavioural skills will have their own downloadable certificate that can be used to celebrate significant achievements of learners in the skill areas

If you are interested in learning more about how behavioural skills can benefit your students, please email talk@slqskills.org

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Learning to Lead certificate introduced

Acting on feedback from Centres, we will be introducing a Learning to Lead certificate this year.

The Learning to Lead certificate can be requested and awarded to learners that have shown commitment to completing a qualification but have not quite achieved all that is required to get the qualification certificate. For example, for a learner that has completed all of their course but has not completed the minimum number of leadership hours to get their qualification certificate.

How can you claim the Learn to Lead certificate?

The process is no different to what you already do now to request certificates. On your certificate request page, you can select either the certificate for the qualification or for Learn to Lead via a tick box. Learners cannot be certificated for both.

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Social Action qualification being piloted now

If your students are doing a project that aims to have a positive impact on others in their community, our new social action qualification will give them additional recognition for the work they have done and the behavioural skills they have shown and developed.

The pilot is running from now until December with the aim to have a qualification ready to use in 2019 (actual date to be confirmed).

The social action qualification is designed to be:

  • Easy to deliver – students take the lead, tutors facilitate the learning
  • Blended learning – a combination of elearning and practical, project-based learning
  • Flexible to the needs of your community – the project can be in any area of interest in your community (e.g. anti-bullying, road safety, care for the environment, health and wellbeing, etc.).
  • Focussed on developing five key behavioural skills – Communication, Self-belief, Teamwork, Self-Management, Problem solving

If you are interested in learning more about the qualification and how it can benefit you and your students, please email talk@slqskills.org

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SCNs needed to get Insight Points for your school

To ensure you receive Insight points for your school, please add SCNs prior to requesting certificates for your learners. The easiest way to do this is by adding SCNs when you register your learners. You can add them retrospectively if you have already registered your learners.

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SLQ – our new Awarding Organisation name with Ofqual

SLQ became our new Awarding Organisation name on 1st August 2018 with Ofqual. The change will have little impact on Centres in Scotland and your course delivery as we will still be trading as Sports Leaders UK for SCQF qualifications in sport and dance leadership. SLQ does not impact SCQF qualifications.

If you deliver lowland leadership or primary school PE specialist and leadership qualifications you may start to notice SLQ appear alongside the Sports Leaders UK brand on certificates when you receive them later this year.

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Date printed: 22/09/2019

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