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January 2018


Reminder: Quality Assurance engagement for your Centre is now every year - book yours in now

Centres are reminded that Quality Assurance now takes place on an annual basis for each academic year. This is conducted by either a visit to the Centre from a Quality Assurance Officer (QAO) or a 'remote' review, where course evidence is asked to be sent in to the QAO. For any questions on this please contact the Senior Quality Assurance Officer in your region.

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Learner registration must be within eight weeks from course start date

All Centres must supply their leaner numbers and learner details that are undertaking the qualification within eight weeks of the course start date. If the centre fails to submit these details, the centre will be placed on hold under Non-Compliance and this may lead to an investigation being raised. This will result in your Centre being charged a minimum of £250 for the investigation procedure. Please refer to Sports Leaders UK’s Malpractice and Maladministration policy for further details and guidance.

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Charges introduced for sending original documents back after remote quality assurance review

We advise Centres to send photocopies or electronic files for remote quality assurance review, not original documents.

We have experienced an increase in the amount of original documents being sent for quality assurance review. Resultantly, from the 1st February 2018, we will now be charging Centres for any postage charges incurred during this process to return original documents back to the Centre. 

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Online Internal Verification training launched - sign up your Internal Verifier for free now

Don't forget that Sports Leaders UK have introduced online internal verification training for your Internal Verifiers. 

This training is optional during the 2017-18 academic year. It will be mandatory from the 1st August 2018. At present, there is no charge for your Internal Verifier to undertake this training.  

Auto-enrolment onto the training can be accessed by clicking here. This training should only take around 1 hour to complete and on successful completion your Internal Verifier will receive an eCertificate. 

Please note there are two types of Internal Verifier training - one specifically for Scottish Centres and one for all other Centres. Please ensure you complete the one relevant to your location.

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New Policies and procedures for all Centres to come into effect in February

In line with Sports Leaders UK’s self-assessment we have conducted a review of our policies and procedures.  The review has resulted in some changes to the policies and procedures to help clarity aspects of these policies for  Centres.  Through this process we have also separated out the Whistleblowing policy from the Complaints policy to improve the communication of how the policy and procedure should be implemented. 

An additional policy for Centres that have had Centre approval withdrawn following investigation has also been created to help this transition following a sanction being imposed.

The changes that have been made are summarised on the link here.  The new policies will come into effect from the 1st of February 2018.  All new policies and procedures can be accessed through the link here.

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ULN required for all learners in Northern Ireland

Centres in Northern Ireland are required to give Unique Learner Numbers (ULN) for all learners. Having accurate ULNs will ensure that:

  1.       The qualification will be added to a learner’s personal learning record (PLR)
  2.       The Centre has records of any performance points linked to their learners and has better progression measurement data for their learners.

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New LEAP coming soon

We are pleased to inform you that they will be launching their new Leadership Electronic Application Portal (LEAP) soon. We have taken on board all the feedback from our centres to improve LEAP to help your Centre apply and manage your courses more easily and more quickly. 

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Date printed: 22/09/2019

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