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February 2017 - Scottish centres


Sports Leaders UK applying for SQA approval 

We are in the process of applying to become an approved Awarding Body with SQA. If successful, we will be able to offer the following redeveloped qualifications as SQA accredited qualifications from September 2017:

New Sports Leadership Qualifications 

  • SQCF Level 4 Qualification in Sports Leadership (SCQF SL4)
  • SQCF Level 5 Qualification in Sports Leadership(SCQF SL5)
  • SQCF Level 5 Qualification in Community Sports Leadership (SCQF CSL5)
  • SQCF Level 6 Qualification in Sports Leadership (SCQF HSL6)

New Dance Leadership Qualifications

  • SQCF Level 4 Qualification in Dance Leadership (SCQF DL4)
  • SQCF Level 5 Qualification in Dance Leadership(SCQF DL5)

These new qualifications have been redeveloped to be:

  • Easier to deliver and manage – less tutor time and less assessment paperwork
  • Delivered as part of the curriculum OR as an enrichment opportunity
  • More enjoyable for teachers and students – focuses on fun, practical skill development

What qualifications will the new qualifications replace?

SCQF DL5 is the only qualification that has not been offered in Scotland as yet. The other qualifications will replace the following qualifications from September (date to be confirmed):

  • SQCF Level 4 Award in Sports Leadership (SCQF SL4)
  • SQCF Level 5 Award in Sports Leadership(SCQF SL5)
  • SQCF Level 5 Award in Community Sports Leadership (SCQF CSL5)
  • SQCF Level 6 Certificate in Sports Leadership (SCQF HSL6)
  • SQCF Level 4 Award in Dance Leadership (SCQF DL4)

Important dates for your Centre for these replaced qualifications:

  • Last learner registrations – 31st August 2017
  • Last certification requests – 31st August 2019

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Contact us to arrange your Quality Assurance engagement

As communicated in the previous Briefing, all Centres are required to have an annual Quality Assurance review. If your Centre has not had this arranged yet for the 2016/17 academic year, please contact your Senior Quality Assurance Officer to discuss.

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Requesting certificates for learners

Making requests for certificates via LEAP can now only be undertaken by a person who is named as a Tutor/Assessor against that particular course. This will mean that if a Tutor/Assessor does not already have a LEAP account they will have to register as a new user before being able to claim the certificates. This is to ensure that the Centre is compliant with our processes and policies. 

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Withdrawal or Maintenance of a Qualification Centre for 2017/18

As per the Terms & Conditions (2016) you have until 1 May 2017 to notify us if you wish to withdraw from the delivery of Sports Leaders UK qualifications or become a maintained centre, without being liable for the minimum spend during the 2017/18 academic year. Please refer to the Withdrawal Policy or Maintained Centre Policy for details on how to action either of these processes. 

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New lowland leadership qualifications to replace BEL3 and BEAL2

On 1 April 2017 we will be launching the following qualifications for delivery (click on the links below for more information on each qualification): 

New qualifications

For courses from 1 April 2017

Qualifications they will replace

Last registrations – 31 August 2017

Last certification requests – 31 August 2020

Level 3 Qualification in Lowland Expedition Leadership (LEL3)

Quan code – TBC

Level 3 Certificate in Basic Expedition Leadership (BEL3)

Quan code – 500/9858/5

Level 3 Qualification in Lowland Walk Leadership (LWL3)

Quan code – TBC

Level 3 Award in Day Walk Leadership (DWL3)

Quan code – 500/9651/5

Level 2 Qualification in Assisting Lowland Expedition Leadership (ALEL2)

Quan code – TBC

Level 2 Award in Assisting in Basic Expedition Leadership (BEAL2)

Quan code – 600/4320/9

The new qualifications have been designed to be: 

  • Easier to deliver and manage – more concise delivery and assessment methods
  • More enjoyable for tutors and delegates – focuses on the assessment of the key practical skills
  • More simple to assess – new, mandatory Delegate Evidence Record (DER) clearly states what needs to be assessed when. Also, a lot shorter than the previous LERs.

Why have the new qualifications been developed?

We wanted to ensure that the content and delivery model of the BEL3/DWL3/BEAL2 continued to be valid for those who use the qualifications in the outdoor sector. The changes made have been informed by feedback from Centres to make sure the new qualifications are fit for purpose.


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Withdrawal of the Level 1 Award in Sports Volunteering (SV1) from regulation

From 31st August 2017 we will no longer be offering the Level 1 Award in Sports Volunteering (Quan code – 600/3203/0).

What can your Centre offer instead?

The Level 1 Qualification in Sports Leadership gives learners the opportunity to develop many of the same key skills and behaviours as SV1 but in an easier to deliver and assess format. Many of these skills can be applied to the volunteering opportunities that your learners will encounter.

Why have we decided to withdraw this qualification from regulation?

Following an internal review of the validity of all of our qualifications we found that SV1 no longer has:

  • A clear target proficiency – the overall objective of the qualification does not match the volunteering opportunities that first-time volunteers will typically encounter.
  • A delivery model that is relevant – volunteers want a shorter course that is recognised by organisations that deploy volunteers for their events.

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Review of dance leadership qualifications 

We are currently undertaking a review of all Dance Leadership qualifications with a view to launch new versions of these in September 2017. Keep an eye out on our website and social media platforms for more information on these over the coming months. 

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Outdoor leadership Tutor Training

  • Outdoor Leadership Tutor Training will now provide focus on the revised qualifications due for launch in April 2017. 
  • We now offer Outdoor Leadership Refresher training as an online workshop. For more information, please use this link

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Customer satisfaction survey heading your way

We will be sending you a customer satisfaction survey to get your feedback on improvements we can make to our qualifications and delivery models. Please look out for it and respond to it when you get the opportunity to – your feedback is valued and will inform the way we work with in the future.

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Updating of Sports Leaders UK policies and procedures

As part of our annual review, we recently updated our policies and procedures. A full list of these can be found here

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Date printed: 22/09/2019

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