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December 2015


Quality Assurance forms

Quality Assurance process

Safeguarding and Disclosure guidance for AACs and Learners

Tutor Training updates

Outdoor Assessment over three years

Quality Assurance forms

New Internal Verification forms

The new Internal Verification (IV) forms have been developed to make it easier for you to complete and to fill the mandatory process. Please use the new IV forms:

More information on the Internal Verifier Role

New Independent Assessor forms for Level 3 Certificate in Higher Sports Leadership / SCQF Level 6 Certificate in Higher Sports Leadership

The HSL3/SCQF HSL6 Learner Evidence now includes three Independent Assessor forms. A separate Independent Assessor form needs to be completed for Unit 2 and the two optional units from Unit 6, 7 and 8.

  • Unit 2 – Provision of sport within the community (Mandatory)
  • Unit 6 – Lead sport/activity sessions for children (Optional)
  • Unit 7 – Lead sport/activity sessions for older people (Optional)
  • Unit 8 – Lead sports/activity sessions for disabled people (Optional)

It is expected that all learners will have three completed Independent Assessor Forms for their Level 3 Certificate in Higher Sports Leadership. This will be checked as part of the Quality Assurance review.

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Quality Assurance process

New Quality Assurance cycle - now every two years

On 1 April 2015 we changed our Quality Assurance sample cycle from every three years to every two years. This is based on a new agreement with the Regulator.

The changes will enable the Quality Assurance team to provide a more robust and frequent service to all of our Approved Assessment Centres and Professional Learning Centres and allow for overall better risk management.

Charge for learner interviews

As of 1 September 2015 a non-refundable charge was introduced when learner interviews are required as part of the Quality Assurance process. This cost is to assist with the resources needed to conduct and resolve each individual situation.

The Centre Course Manager (or relevant senior person) will be informed in writing and issued with an invoice for payment. All payments will need to settled before the release of any learner certificates, processed and issued by Sports Leaders UK.

The charge will be £20 per learner interview.

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Safeguarding and disclosure guidance for AACs and learners

The safeguarding responsibility and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)/Protection and Vulnerable Groups (PVG) requirements may change as a learner moves through a course.

During the course delivery, when learners are in sessions led Tutor/Assessor:

Who is ultimately responsible for safeguarding learners and participants? The AAC

Do learners need to have a DBS or PVG check? No. Learners should always be under the direct supervision of a responsible person from the AAC throughout the course.

When learners undertake their demonstration of leadership/volunteering:

AACs need to ensure that any organisations external to the AAC are aware that the organisation takes ultimate responsibility for the safeguarding of the learner and any participants in sessions led by the learner as part of their demonstration of leadership/volunteering.

Who is ultimately responsible for safeguarding learners and participants? The AAC or any organisation external to that AAC (for example primary schools or community clubs) where the learner undertakes their demonstration of leadership/volunteering.

Do learners need to have a DBS or PVG check? No. Learners should always be under the direct supervision of a responsible person from the AAC or from an organisation external to that AAC throughout their demonstration of leadership/volunteering.

Once a learner is certificated and they become a sports leader/volunteer:

Who is ultimately responsible for safeguarding participants, when the sports leader is working /volunteering or employed with an organisation? The organisation that employ or deploy the sports leader.

Do they need to have a DBS or PVG check? It depends on what work they are doing. The organisation will be responsible for deciding whether a sports leader requires a DBS or PVG.  

Sports Leaders delivering sport or physical activity sessions at and for their AAC 

Who is ultimately responsible for safeguarding participants? The AAC 

Do they need to have a DBS or PVG check? If sports leaders are working with indirect supervision, or if higher sports leaders are leading sessions independent of supervision, they may require a DBS or PVG check. Please check the relevant website for additional guidance. 

Higher sports leaders who lead sessions on their own with no association to an organisation 

Who is ultimately responsible for safeguarding participants? The higher sports leader takes full responsibility. 

Do they need to have a DBS or PVG check? They will require a DBS or PVG check. They will also need the appropriate level of insurance for themselves and participants.  

Useful links:

We advise all AACs and learners to visit the following websites for more information and guidance on safeguarding and DBS/PVG requirements:

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Tutor Training updates

Live online Refresher workshop

From September 2015, our Refresher Tutor Training workshop will be available in a new online format.

The live online Refresher is a 2 hour  session led by members of our Training Team.

The workshop gives attendees:

  • Updates on Quality Assurance and paperwork requirements - particularly internal verification
  • Details of new developments
  • Opportunity to share good practice with fellow tutors via a forum
  • Contacts for support
  • Opportunity to ask questions throughout

Dates for the online Refresher Tutor Training are available on the website.

Face to face Refresher workshops will continue to be available at a selection of Tutor Training venues throughout the UK.

Price increase for Outdoor Tutor Training

From 1 November 2015 the price for attending a Outdoor Tutor Training will be £210.

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Outdoor qualification - guidance on BEL3 assessment

We are aware that some learners on Level 3 Certificate in Basic Expedition Leadership courses may need to have their final two day assessment more than three years after their course start date.

Before certification of these learners the centre needs to:

  • Re-register the learner onto the current course. The centre will be invoiced for the learner registration fee
  • Ensure that learner evidence and assessment documents  for the learner are current – within three years of the re-registration date
  • All other requirements of course delivery and being an AAC have been met

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