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  • Introduction

    Sports Leaders UK Briefings for Centres (previously Technical Updates) aim to keep our centres informed of any changes to policies, procedures or our qualifications.

    It is the responsibility of the Centre Course Manager to share this information with all staff involved in the delivery, assessment and internal verification of our courses.

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Briefing for Centres September 2015

  • Contents

  • Changes to SCQF Qualifications minimum age

    We have decided to reduce the minimum age for the SCQF qualifications below:

    SCQF Level 4 Award in Sports Leadership

    Minimum age was:                 13

    New minimum age:                12 but must be in S2 (Secondary 2)

    SCQF Level 4 Award in Dance Leadership

    Minimum age was:                 13

    New minimum age:                12 but must be in S2 (Secondary 2)

    SCQF Level 5 Award in Sports Leadership

    Minimum age was:                 14

    New minimum age:                13 but must be in S3 (Secondary 3)

    SCQF Level 5 Award in Community Sports Leadership

    Minimum age was:                 16

    New minimum age:                15 but must be in S5 (Secondary 5)

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Briefing for Centres May 2015

  • Contents

  • UCAS Points

    A feedback exercise involving all secondary schools, colleges and Universities has helped develop a new UCAS Tariff system.  This new system will apply to all students applying to start University courses in September 2017.  

    • Changes will apply to students starting University courses in September 2017. Students starting their first year of further education in September 2015 may be applying for a University start in September 2017. This will use the new tariff points system.
    • Different methodology will be used. New UCAS Tariff points are based on a different methodology to the current tariff.
    • All qualifications have had a tariff points reduction. The Level 3 Certificate in Higher Sports Leadership qualification has had a proportionally lower change than many others. For example and A* at A-Level currently receives 140 points – the new Tariff points for this will be 56.
    • Level 3 Certificate in Higher Sports Leadership will be awarded 16 points (previously 30 points).

    Visit the UCAS website for more information and to view a video about the changes.

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  • Delivery of outdoor qualifications abroad to end

    Withdrawal of outdoor qualification approval for International centres

    A difficult decision has been made to no longer approve any centres to deliver outdoor qualifications outside of the UK.  This decision is effective from 1 June 2015.

    The Outdoor Advisory Panel provides industry expertise on the development and management of our qualifications.  At a recent meeting the subject of international centres delivering our outdoor qualification was discussed. The two main challenges are:

    • It is becoming increasingly difficult to verify the quality assurance requirements, such as the terrain being used
    • We would not want to put a learner at risk if they were to breach any local health and safety regulations or guidance relating to leading groups in the outdoors for the country they reside in

    If you require any further information or clarification on this issue then please contact the Quality Assurance Manager at Sports Leaders UK, rwilks@sportsleaders.org 


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  • New LEAP (Leadership Electronic Application Portal)

    Sports Leaders UK has invested significant resources into improving our online services which will be available to use in the next academic year 2015/16.

    The service improvements will include:

    • An easier system for making new and repeat course applications
    • An online portal for submitting course assessment and verification evidence to fulfil quality assurance requirements.  This will reduce the need for Sports Leaders UK to physically visit centres
    • The ability for centres to update and manage their staff and learner records
    • The ability for centres to access course records to track current and previous course details
    • A reminder and alert messaging service to centre with updates about their account
    • An alert messaging service to assist centres to remain compliant with tutor training requirements and promote availability of places on national training days.

    Further updates will be provided in the next Briefing to Centres.

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  • Tutor Training Changes

    The rules for centres to attend tutor training before they can deliver Sports Leaders UK qualifications has changed. 

    As of 1 April 2015 an Approved Assessment Centre (AAC) who has staff that have attended tutor training for Level 2 and Level 3 sports leadership qualifications will also be able to deliver Level 1 qualifications.

    Previously an AAC needed to have at least one member of staff that had accessed training at each different level.  This will no longer be necessary for Level 1 qualifications.

    As always, Tutor Training, or a refresher workshop, needs to have been accessed within the past three years to ensure the AAC's trained status is compliant. In line with this change, the option to attend a half day for Tutor Training at one level only will no longer be available. This will ensure that training accessed can provide a greater focus on the quality assurance requirements for AACs to remain compliant.

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  • Remote Quality Assurance

    In order to support low risk centres that consistently meet Sports Leaders UK standards, a new remote Quality Assurance system has been implemented to make the qualification checks quicker and easier.  From 1 April 2015, centres will be able to upload copies of the assessment and verification records to be checked by our Quality Assurance Officers online.

    This will effectively remove the need for a centre visit to be organised and speed up the certification process.

    If standards are not maintained then subsequent checks may need to be completed as part of a centre visit, but our aim is to only visit high risk centres that require additional support.

    Centres that consistently demonstrate good standards of course delivery and have sufficient learner evidence and records will be treated as low risk centres and subject to fewer checks.

    The team of Quality Assurance Officers will provide further details on what is required from your centre.

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  • Improvements to procedures for Level 5/6 Professional Qualifications in Primary School Education

    The procedures for centres to deliver Level 5/6 Professional Qualifications in Primary School Physical Education Specialism and Subject Leadership have been reviewed and improved.  Feedback from centres and staff managing these qualifications has enabled a more streamlined system to be implemented that will mean:

    • Less information is required at the accreditation stage from centres to become a Professional Learning Centre (PLC)
    • Primary School staff applying for these qualifications will not need to submit a copy of their CV
    • The quality assurance requirements have been refined and streamlined
    • A centre declaration form will be used to capture key information and confirm that systems and procedures are in place
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  • Charges for non-compliant centres

    A non refundable charge is being introduced for non-compliant centres to assist with the resources that are required to investigate and resolve such situations.  

    The Centre Course Manager (or relevant senior person) will be informed in writing and issued with an invoice for payment.  All payments will need to be settled before any further courses will be processed by Sports Leaders UK.

    The charge will be £250 per non-compliant case and international centres will also need to cover any additional expenses such as travel costs that may be required to formally investigate a situation.

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Briefing for Centres November 2014

  • Contents

  • Update on quality assurance of Level 3 Certificate in Higher Sports Leadership *

    We have made a few changes in the last year to our requirements for centres delivering the Level 3 Certificate in Higher Sports Leadership* to ensure the qualification's integrity. To confirm:

    • From 16 September 2013 centres were informed that they would require a quality assurance visit the first time they run the course, which must take place prior to certification.
    • From 1 September 2014 there is no longer a requirement for learners to have completed the Level 2 Award in Sports Leadership* or Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership* before starting a Level 3 Certificate in Higher Sports Leadership* course. However it is still recommended that learners have a Level 2* sports leadership qualification and  centres are still responsible for ensuring learners are of a suitable level to start a course.

    In addition, from 5 January 2015 we will be monitoring all Level 3 Certificate in Higher Sports Leadership* courses prior to certification. This quality assurance visit can take place before the end of the course provided that you have delivered at least two units and the Internal Verifier has undertaken one intervention.

    Please be aware that in order to secure UCAS Tariff points for your learners prior to the August reporting deadline you need to ensure that your quality assurance visit takes place by the second week of July at the latest. For example next year this would mean your visit had taken place by 17 July 2015.

    * For Scottish centres, these refer to the SCQF Level 6 Certificate in Higher Sports Leadership, SCQF Level 5 Award in Sports Leadership and SCQF Level 5 Award in Community Sports Leadership respectively. 


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  • Mapping evidence from other qualifications

    In some instances it is possible for evidence from other qualifications that learners have completed to be used to meet the assessment criteria of Sports Leaders UK qualifications.

    Where this is applicable to your learners you will need to produce a mapping document which matches this evidence against the relevant minimum knowledge required for the specific qualification. The mapping document should be kept along with all other required evidence for review by the Sports Leaders UK Quality Assurance Officer during their quality assurance visit.

    Further information and an example of how some assessment criteria can be mapped against BTEC Level 3 sports courses is available on our website.

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  • Using Sports Leaders UK branding and logo

    Sports Leaders UK has a number of trademarks, including images, logos, phrases and designs. They form a crucial part of our identity and are protected so that only Sports Leaders UK and those centres we approve may use them to identify a link with our organisation and the work we do. For example, this approval includes the use of the terms Sports Leaders UK, sports leader and the Sports Leader UK logo.

    Should you wish to use any of our protected words or designs please complete a logo request form - you can also view our brand guidelines here.

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  • Reminder: Invoicing and Refund Policy

    In response to recent customer feedback, Sports Leaders UK decided to amend the Invoicing and Refund Policy to simplify the process related to qualifications, awards and services ordered. The amended policy came into effect on 1 October 2014 and you can find the policy document on our website.

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  • Reminder: Level 2 sports qualifications review

    In our Summer 2014 Technical Update we advised you that Sports Leaders UK is reviewing the content of the Level 2 Award in Sports Leadership (qualification number 500/9650/3) and the Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership (qualification number 500/9637/0).

    The review will result in the current versions of these qualifications being withdrawn. New versions of the qualifications will be available immediately after the withdrawal of the original qualifications and there will be no gap in provision for level 2 learners. The objectives of the new qualifications are the same but some units may have new or amended content.

    Centres should be aware that learners need to be certificated within two years of the final registration date.

    Important dates for the current versions

    Final course registrations on or before:            31 December 2014

    Final certifications on or before:                           31 December 2016

    Important date for the new version

    First course registrations from:                              1 January 2015

    We will keep you informed of the specifications and content of the new qualifications through the Tutor Association and future Briefings for Centres.

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