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28 January 2019


Online Internal Verifier Training

For all courses that started after 1st August 2018, the named Internal Verifier must have completed the free online IV Training before carrying out their role. Learners certificates will not be issued on Course(s) that do not have a trained Internal Verifier.

A new and improved version of the Internal Verifier Training will be launched on 4th February 2019. Any Internal Verifiers that have started the current online training but have not completed it will have until this date to do so or will have to complete the new training instead. The training can be accessed here.

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Annual Quality Assurance Reviews

Centres are reminded that Quality Assurance (QA) reviews take place on an annual basis for each academic year. This is conducted by either a visit to the Centre from a Quality Assurance Officer (QAO) or on a 'remote' basis, where course evidence is asked to be sent to the QAO to review. Reviews can take place before course completion, as long as the Internal Verification role has been carried out. To arrange your QA review or if you have any questions around this process please contact me.

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Spirit of Leadership is changing

From 1st February 2019 the way you can claim Spirit of Leadership certificates will change. A new process will be introduced through which you can apply for certificates to celebrate the achievements of learners that have ‘gone the extra mile’ in their journey to be a Sport Leader or Dance Leader.

The new process will be communicated from February.

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Learning to Lead certificate

From 1st March 2019 you will be able to claim Learning to Lead certificates through LEAP for learners that have not quite achieved all the aspects of the qualification they are registered on. The Learning to Lead certificate allows you to give recognition to learners for their efforts they have made to try to achieve the qualification.

You can request a Learning to Lead certificate* for your learner(s) via LEAP when requesting certificates for your courses.

* You can request a qualification certificate or a Learning to Lead certificate for all your learners when you request certificates at the end of your course. You cannot request both for a learner.

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Opportunity for learners to become a Les Mills BORN TO MOVE Activator.

Last year Sports Leaders UK launched an exciting new partnership with Les Mills, the international fitness organisation who created BODYPUMP™ and BODYATTACK™, amongst many other exercise to music classes. Our new partnership includes the introduction of online training for young people to become BORN TO MOVE™ Activators. These Activators will be trained to facilitate BORN TO MOVE™ Virtual sessions which could be run within your school to increase and enhance the physical activity levels of your students. The new opportunity includes an annual license to the BORN TO MOVE™ Virtual app and registration for up to 12 of your learners to undertake the Activator training. This would be a fantastic next step for your young leaders who might be interested in a career within the fitness industry, coaching or teaching. This product is now available on LEAP.

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Minimum Spend on awards and qualifications

We want to take the opportunity to remind Qualification Centres that they are required to spend a minimum of £350 on learner registrations for qualifications, awards, packages or course resources (e.g. printed LERs) between 1st August 2018 to the 31st July 2019.

If your centre does not meet the £350 minimum spend, we will invoice you in August 2019 for the difference between your Centre’s actual spend and the minimum spend of £350.

If you need support or guidance on how your Centre can meet the minimum spend policy, please do get in contact with us via contact@sportsleaders.org.

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Centres delivering a course over 2 years

A Centre that delivers a course over 2 consecutive academic years (of a value which meets two years minimum spend), but does not register any new courses in the second academic year, will be liable for a £50 Maintained Centre fee to cover the maintenance of the Centre during the second academic year instead of the full £350 minimum spend fee.

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Tutor Training provision from April 2019 

There are currently no Tutor Training days booked for the forthcoming Summer Term.

The reason for this, is that the way in which Tutor Training needs to be undertaken by Centre personnel prior to qualification delivery will be changing from 1st April 2019.

The reason for adopting a new approach is to allow Centres to start courses more effectively than previously.

More information and new dates will be made available on our website in February 2019.

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Date printed: 22/09/2019

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