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18th July 2019

Amended specifications for Sport and Dance Leadership

Amended specifications are for all courses starting on or after 1st September 2019.

We informed you in May that the qualifications listed below had been reviewed and some changes would be made to the specifications.

The amended specifications for these qualifications can be found here for Sports Leadership and Dance Leadership.

Why have the qualifications been reviewed?

  • You told us that there was repetition between Section 1 and Tasks 1.1 to 1.3 in the Learner Evidence Record – we have combined these so learners no longer need to repeat work.
  • We have embedded the Skills Framework into the qualifications – this gives you and your learners a simple, ready-to-use framework to communicate how the qualifications contribute to ‘soft-skill’ and character development.

Top tips for managing the changes:

  1. Make sure you are using the correct Learner Evidence Record – the new versions will have Amended Specification – Courses from 1st September 2019 on the front cover.
  2. Download the new Tutor Resource slides and the Internal Verification Records – these have been re-issued for the amended specifications.
  3. Continue delivering the course as you currently do – the changes that have been made should not affect how you have been delivering courses.
  4. SL1 no longer requires the learner to take on the role of an official for 10 minutes; but SL2/CSL2 learners are now required to do this.

Qualifications that have been changed:

  • SLQ Level 1 Qualification in Sports Leadership (SL1) – Quan code 601/8579/X
  • SLQ Level 2 Qualification in Sports Leadership (SL2) – Quan code: 601/8581/8
  • SLQ Level 2 Qualification in Community Sports Leadership (CSL2) – Quan code: 601/8584/3
  • SLQ Level 3 Qualification in Sports Leadership (HSL3) – Quan code: 601/8586/7
  • SLQ Level 1 Qualification in Dance Leadership (DL1) – Quan code: 603/1244/0
  • SLQ Level 2 Qualification in Dance Leadership (DL2) – Quan code: 603/1245/2

If you have any specific questions on this, please email contact@sportsleaders.org and start your email subject line with ‘Amended specifications’.

Date printed: 22/09/2019

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