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Gaining a Sports Leaders UK award or qualification is a great achievement, but for many this is just the beginning, not the end of a really fulfilling journey that can lead to a lifetime of volunteering.

Volunteers and sport - helping the nation get active

Becoming a Sports Leader can be a life-changing experience. By using the new skills they have learnt and by completing their volunteering hours, they become one of the six million plus volunteers who give one billion hours to sport every year, making sport happen and helping the nation to get and stay active.

For some of the 200,000 Sports Leaders who qualify each year, it is their first experience of volunteering: the first time they have been listened to and had responsibility for others, the first time they have gained an idea of their own worth, their personal skills and potential.

Do It LogoIf your Sports Leaders have enjoyed their volunteering experience and want to do more or try something new, then use the Do-it.org search engine to see what volunteering opportunities are available in your community.

Why a Sports Leader should volunteer

Gaining experience as a volunteer can make all the difference when applying for University, Further Education or Higher Education. If Sports Leaders are looking to change career direction or to retain skills for future employment, volunteering can offer a wide range of skills, experience and sometimes qualifications to help them on their way.

Volunteering experience can look very good on a CV, especially if it is presented as learning and skills that have been developed through volunteering, employers will often value it just as much as employment history. Volunteering activity on a CV can also demonstrate that candidates can act on thier own initiative, can make a commitment and have a value base.

Organisations who engage volunteers are often willing to give references and this can demonstrate the Sports Leaders reliability, personal qualities and transferable skills such as time management, problem solving, communication and team work. References can be difficult for some Sports Leaders to obtain especially if they have not been previously employed.

What experiences would your Sports Leader like to gain?

Encourage your Sports Leaders to volunteer in a role that they will enjoy and that uses the full range of skills they have learnt, particularly the ability to lead others in fun, safe physical activity, games and sport. You want your Sports Leaders to commit to volunteering so it is beneficial if they enjoy it.

Help your Sports Leaders identify what they enjoy doing, be it sports and games, arts and crafts, working with young children or working with adults. Many organisations find it useful for you to say what you would most like to offer.

Date printed: 23/10/2017

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